Royal Majestic Arabians

A small quaint Arabian stud farm nestled in a quiet valley overlooking the beautiful rolling hills of Loro Piceno in the province of Macerata, Italy. The horses at Royal Majestic Arabians are provided with large organic grazing paddocks on sloped hills and state of the art stables built right into the sweeping Italian hills. All the horses here are given the utmost in individual care and attention, but more importantly are showered with love and affection. Royal Majestic Arabians stud was founded in 2017 by Francis Fenech and Jade Scifo, but the family’s passion for Arabian horses began decades ago, with a childhood dream to one day establish an Arabian stud farm.​

The acquisition of Bla Salvador, purchased as a young colt from Sweden and transported to Malta, was the catalyst for achieving that dream. He is now Royal Majestic’s breeding stallion. Once his true potential was realized, the decision was to send him to Italy for training and international showing, due to the limited opportunities in Malta. It was at this point in time Francis and Jade decided it was now or never, and took their first step to move to Italy to build their life-long dream.


Jade gained her equestrian knowledge through many years of study at an equestrian college in the UK and worked in competition show yards and prestigious dressage yards, as well as world-renowned Arabian stud facilities. The passion for the Arabian horse all started as a child seeing her first Arabian horse, and ever since Jade has been infatuated by the breed, gaining more knowledge throughout her years working with them.



Francis gained his knowledge with many years of experience owning his own horses; one was his own high spirited black Arabian stallion. His passion for these majestic creatures has helped him gain respect and understanding for them.

Their vision and ideology of the Arabian horse that they aim to produce is first a respectable confirmation, a beautiful head, straight legs and a graceful, correct movement with an overall elegant appearance. The true goal is to produce not only a show horse, but a horse that is a true all-rounder.
Allah Created the Arabian horse from the south wind and exclaimed,

‘I create thee, Oh Arabian’